Basaricò Restaurant

Basaricò Restaurant is located in the main body of the company. It will welcome you with the warmth of a familiar and relaxed environment, where you will feel at home from the first moment.

Taste our typical Sicilian cuisine, with the flavors of the past, with a typically peasant imprint. Taste our appetizers, the first of fresh pasta and the second courses of meat or fresh fish, in full compliance with the quality standards considered fundamental even in the choice of the few ingredients not produced on the farm.

A special note goes to our wine, renowned throughout the world: Nero d’Avola dominates the tables of the Basaricò Restaurant.

ristorante basaricò agriturismo val di noto

Cunzamu a’ Tavola…

In our part of the world, especially on “picnics”, the whole family has always been waiting for the most desired moment of the day … a manciata ‘ncampagna.

That moment is preceded by a ritual that sees the participation of everyone, men and women. Together with the common intent of “Cunzari a ‘tavola”.

This moment of preparation, from today, we will not only do it for our guests but for all those who want to savor our table. The flavors, the smells lost in time that often transport you to the child of yesterday … the pleasure of the palate to rediscover the past.

cunzamu a tavola ristorante basaricò agriturismo val di noto

Ora Assittativi Ca a Tavola è Cunzata!

Discover Our Menu

The Basaricò Restaurant Menu

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Opening Hours

We are open every day from 12:00 to 15:00 and from 19:30 to 23:30
Sunday only for lunch

The genuineness of home-made products

The good taste of tradition

At the Basaricò restaurant you will rediscover the scent of fresh bread, cooked with the ancient technique of the wood oven.

You will taste the flavor of freshly drawn milk and dairy products: fresh ricotta, mozzarella, a wide choice of fresh and aged cheeses, combined with the best products of the earth…

The jams produced and packaged on site will take you back to breakfast in the countryside at grandma’s house.

…and again, extra virgin olive oil, canned vegetables and vegetables processed strictly by hand in compliance with ancient traditions, sun-dried products…

We are waiting for you at the Basaricò Restaurant!


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